Why Choose Us?

When you’re thinking about booking a tour, you’ll often ask yourself these questions…
Will it be that good? • Will they show me things I really couldn’t have found by myself? • Should I trust all those brilliant reviews? • Is it going to be up to my standards? • 
Will it be worth the money?

The answer to all these questions when you’re booking an experience
with Cyprus Taste Tours is: YES!

Cyprus Taste Tours is a small group of local guides, all with Cypriot heritage, who enjoy meeting new people and exploring the world. Growing up with the traditions and culture of Cyprus we know that this island offers something special and are passionate about sharing these unique experiences with visitors.

All of us foodies, our activities focus on discovering the island through food & wine plus we’re the kind of people who spend the extra time to make sure an experience is just right! Cyprus Taste Tours was established in 2011 and we’re confident that in all our years of research and exploration of this fantastic island – we’ve found the very best spots to visit when it comes to culture and cuisine!

So why are our tours more expensive than most?
Compared to many other tours available we understand that our activities do not compete price-wise. Our tours cost more because we know through experience that you can only achieve that personal “hang out with a true local and friend” touch through small groups. We believe that this personal touch makes all the difference and your tour guide should always be available to answer questions – it’s this time with a true local and the people you’ll meet along the way with your guide that will give you a unique insight into the story and culture of Cyprus. In our opinion, it’s worth spending a little extra for a small group tour and we think you’ll agree once you’ve tried it! 

Our tours also include door-to-door transport, all entrance fees, tastings, lunch with local wine & drinks* which almost all other tours do not. This won’t be the kind of excursion that drops you off at places and gives you free time to wonder around… The entire day will be guided and our tours will take you to places that are sometimes only suitable for small groups where you’ll meet Cypriot families and discover their way of life and have your questions answered through your bilingual guide. There won’t be any surprise entrance fees or hidden tasting fees and you won’t be left to find a lunch spot by yourself. You can also rest assured that we have all the proper insurances in place to run our activities and promise to offer a professional, quality service.

I hope this information has encouraged you to consider one of our tours and we look forward to hosting you soon!

Louisa Georgiou
Co-Founder of Cyprus Taste Tours 

*Our tours include everything that is stated in the experience description.

Full day tours include lunch with drinks. Tours that are half-day or less may not include lunch with drinks. Always check the tour descriptions.