About Us


Offering food & wine tours since 2011


Hello from Cyprus Taste Tours!

We’re a small group of local guides, all with Cypriot heritage who enjoy meeting new people and exploring the world. A team of true foodies, our activities focus on discovering the island through food & wine. We regularly attend seminars related to food & wine, organise training activities, belong to food & wine clubs, travel often to see what other places are offering in order to expand our knowledge of the culinary scenes abroad and regularly conduct research days in Cyprus to see what is new and if there are locals doing something we can support.

 Cyprus Taste Tours was founded in 2011 and we’re confident that in all our years of research and exploration of this fantastic island – we’ve found the very best spots to visit when it comes to culture and cuisine!

We’re strong believers that the food and culinary traditions of this island offer a window and shortcut into the culture and history of this beautiful place and a food and/or wine tour is a must on any visitors to-do list during their stay.

We look forward to taking you on a bespoke journey of culture, tradition & gastronomy!