Our Itineraries

We know that when you look at the itineraries of other tour companies they may list an hour-by-hour schedule and a set of specific stops or locations. Our tour descriptions do not for one simple reason – we treat each booking as a unique experience!

All of our tours have themes and a kind-of checklist of what we include but the specifics of where we’ll go and what we’ll see often changes. This is because, if you’ve booked a villages food tour and it’s the season for harvesting olives – then we might include this as one of the 5 promised stops so you can see the action and experience the best of the activity. If Mrs. Maria has called us that she’s baking halloumi bread tomorrow then we’ll get this in too so you can meet a real local and experience a true Cypriot kitchen. If you’ve booked a wine tour and its September – then we know that this is the time to walk through the vineyards at Mr. Yiannis winery to see the grape varieties – so we’ll include it!

This list could go on and on but we hope you get the idea and appreciate our concept!

Please be assured that although we cannot guarantee which stops will be included in each tour – we do guarantee a fantastic day out with true locals!

If you need to know the specifics of the locations on your tour (maybe you’ve visited many Troodos villages and don’t want to go to the same spot twice? Or maybe you have some specific wineries you really want to visit so you can stock up on their limited edition wines?) Then please do contact us and we’ll accommodate as best we can!