Property Hosts – Information


Once a property host has declared their interest in offering our experiences through the signup form here, they will receive a packet of Cyprus Taste Tours brochures to offer to their guests and feature at their property for their guests to find. Along with these brochures, a set of stickers with a unique host code will be included. This host code will also be the discount code for your guests and each brochure will have a sticker discount code applied so that if a guest books one of our tours – the unique discount code will be used and we can identify which host the booking has come from. Property hosts will then receive their 5% commission on these booking.


Property hosts are responsible for informing Cyprus Taste Tours when they have no more brochures so that we can replace them and send through a new packet.

Property hosts are responsible for applying their unique code onto the brochures received from Cyprus Taste Tours on subsequent brochure packets received after their first packet.

The 5% commission will only be paid when a guest books a scheduled tour. The commission does not apply on private tour requests. You can check our scheduled tours here…

Guests must use their 5% discount code (which is unique to the property host) when booking so that we are able to identify which property host the booking has come through and therefore pay the commission due.

Property hosts will receive their commission after the booked experience has taken place – just in case a guest cancels and does not go through with a booking. Commission payments are sent out once a month on the last working day of the month. 

We promise to offer your guests a brilliant Cyprus experience through our food & wine activities. Please feel free to read our amazing customer reviews here.