Discover the culture & people of Cyprus through traditional foods and wine… Join us for a journey to some of the island’s hidden food establishments, traditional product workshops & award winning wineries. Sample authentic snacks, dishes and drinks whilst exploring the backstreets of Cypriot towns or villages.

Activities start from €30.00 per person and we only require a minimum of 2 people to setup any of our experiences! Our tours run throughout the year subject to our availability.

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If you’ve found the right activity for you and are a minimum of 2 people then contact us now with your preferred date and time to request a booking.

Once an activity is requested, these tours are listed on our website for anyone to join so if you’re a solo traveller or a group that would like to join a tour with others then click below to see which culinary experiences have already been requested & scheduled…



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What our participants say…


“We did the CTT at the beginning of our holiday – what a great choice! Not only were we given a list filled with all the places we’d visited but a bonus 3 pages with other great restaurants around town. This set us up for our entire trip and we were even able to impress some friends that lived on the island, by taking them to one of the hidden secrets we were introduced to!” – Carol & James, Limassol Snack Tour

“We were taken to a great variety of restaurants on our tour, places that we would never have found by ourselves. By the end of the night we’d seen so many great places and eaten so many delicious things we were stuffed… Make sure you arrive hungry! Worth EVERY penny!” – Mark & Lucy, Nicosia Off the Eaten Track Tour

“We had only walked past one of the places out of the many we were taken to on this tour and actually thought about going inside… Even if we had made a visit to this particular place by ourselves there’s absolutely no way we would have ordered what our guide chose for us – totally worth it just for the new tastes and dishes we tried. Absolutely brilliant tour!” – Tanya, Joan & Becky, Larnaca Moments and Meze Tour